Mar 25, 2011

Free download craving explorer 1.0.0 RC 16

Free download craving explorer 1.0.0 RC 16 - A web Browser specialized in downloading videos from video sharing sites
Craving Explorer is a professional browser that will also enable you to  download videos from various web sites.

Craving Explorer can convert videos and save them to your PC, iPod, iPhone, PSP, etc.
There is NO complex setting, so you can use Craving Explorer without any confusion.
Here are some key features of "Craving Explorer":

Easily download videos:
· Craving Explorer allows you to get videos which cannot be usually saved

Download as you like:
· Craving Explorer can convert a FLV format file to the other format. So, you do not have to use complicated steps.
· Moreover, Craving Explorer supports automatically adds to iTunes, PSP, WALKMAN.

Play, without stress:
· Craving Explorer cache feature allows you to play videos which is played once, smoothly.

Useful search feature:
· Craving Search can search videos from more than 100 websites at one time.
· So, you can find easily, and download from search result by with click.

Embedded Download Link:
· If you open the blog which introduce YouTube URL, Craving Explorer automatically change its website to be able to see videos quickly, and add a download link.

download craving,.

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