Mar 20, 2011

Free Download Yasfib browser

Free Download Yasfib browser - Browse the web safely, quickly and without restrictions.
Yasfib is a lightweight and very easy to use application, that uses the Mozilla Geko engine in order to provide you with quick and safe browsing anytime.

Utilizes Mozilla Gecko for rendering
Mozilla Gecko is what powers many popular browsers such as Firefox and SeaMonkey. With Gecko, pages render accurately and quickly.

Blocking circumvention (in China)
With a secure link to the robust and open anti-blocking network operated by DynaWeb and Hurricane Electric, people in China can freely browse censored websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and YouTube.

Space saving layout

Yasfib uses a very minimal design, giving much more space to webpages

Blocks all ads, not just the pop-up ones
Most uselessware, rogueware, and malware come from advertisements. Additionally, malicious ads can facilitate identity theft. By blocking nearly all advertisements, Yasfib accelerates page loading and protects your privacy and security.

Intelligently detect phishing sites
Most other browsers use cumbersome and long blacklists to block phishing sites. In contrast to the conventional approach, Yasfib uses certain characteristics of a site to detect phishing. For example, the PayPal page layout on a non-PayPal site will trigger the alarm. This can ensure detection even as phishing domains proliferate extraordinarily.

Built in file sharing with advanced features
Most file sharing and net-disk services make people wait for minutes in ad-peppered pages. Yasfib instead uploads your files instantly via a built-in client and generates direct links usable in any download manager - all without registration, payment, and bandwidth limits.


· NET Framework 2.0

Download Yasfib from :

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