Oct 16, 2011

Free Download Skype

Free Download Skype - There are so many Internet users nowadays that online communications have become an important thing in everybody’s life, no matter if he’s a beginner or a power user. So, what’s the deal with online communications? Most people use instant messengers to chat and share files, but a somewhat different tool has managed to get all the praises.

Skype is one of the undisputed kings when it comes to talking to somebody over the Internet and nobody can actually deny that this is an extremely easy to use and friendly application. Not to mention the way it works…

First of all, installing Skype is really piece of cake and even your dog could do it if it had hands. It only takes a few seconds until all the files are copied on your computer after you pass that annoying screen when you’re asked to install some unnecessary software. That’s right, the installer attempts to deploy some add-on that Skype doesn’t need to work, so this is the reason why the application is now marked as ad-supported on Softpedia.

Double clicking the Skype icon will actually open a whole new world on your desktop. Literally. There are millions of users online at every minute and some of your friends are probably using it. At the time of our testing, there were more than 22 million people connected to Skype which is, let’s admit, wow!

Just like it happens to instant messaging applications these days, you’re going to need an account to use Skype. If you don’t have one, it only takes a couple of minutes to register via an online interface.

Skype’s interface has evolved a lot since the first iteration of the tool. It’s now modern yet simple, friendly but very efficient. The contact list is displayed in the left part of the screen, while the chat windows are opened right in the middle.

Probably the ace up its sleeve, video calling, is the thing that makes Skype so special. It allows you to make video calls over the Internet at a breathtaking quality, while staying extremely friendly on computer resources. Sure, it depends a lot on your computer connection, but still, Skype is way better than instant messaging clients developed by the existing software giants.

The application comes with a very rich settings menu, which means you can customize every single option that exists. Plus, you can also step into the social network land by completing your profile, so that people can find you on the Internet.

The bottom line is pretty simple: no matter how often you chat on the Internet, Skype is a must have. Plus, if your friends are travelling or working overseas, you can’t simply live without it. >> review From softpedia

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